November 2003

November 30, 2003

On Saturday night (Nov. 29th) at Shanghai Grand Theatre, CoCo is by far one of the brightest stars at "MTV Style Awards China 2003." CoCo's marvelous dress amazed the crowds and the media, and she received the most acclamations and the loudest applause walking through the red carpet.

CoCo takes "Breakthrough International Artist of the Year" and she also performes her Hip Hop hit track "So Crazy," as the closing performance of the ceremony. Click here to watch the pictures we compiled from this ceremony.

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NetEase - Who dresses best at "MTV Style Awards China 2003?" (Nov. 30 - Dec. 17)

Note: Click on the link above, scroll down, and you will see the poll on the right of the page. CoCo is listed as the first entry. NetEase is one of the parters of "MTV Style Awards China 2003."

November 27, 2003

CoCo Says HELLO To All Her Fans

It's been two weeks since CoCo went to Zhejiang Yongjia (China ) on 11th of this month to shoot her debut movie "Zi Yu Zi Le." CoCo has got used to the tempo of shooting the film, and she gets along harmoniously with the crew. A couple days ago CoCo caught a cold, and the crew said, banteringly, all of them should catch a cold once to have the antibodies.

CoCo likes the landscape of Nanxi River very much for it's extremely beautiful. The people there are very simple and unsophisticated. "I'm very surprised that they know who I am, and they are enthusiastic at me!" There are always many village people around to watch CoCo put on the plays.

In her debut movie, CoCo says she has been learning, and hopes all her fans would support her, and she looks forward to the launch of the movie.

CoCo To Perform At "MTV Style Awards"

"MTV Style Awards China 2003" will take place this Saturday evening, and CoCo is invited as one of the performers. "MTV Style Awards China 2003" is hosted by MTV China and Shanghai Media Group and will come off at Shanghai Grand Theatre at 8 PM, Nov. 29th.

November 3, 2003

The nominees for 3rd Golden Melody Awards Malaysia have been announced. CoCo receieved one nomination as "Asia's Most Outstanding Performer," for which is the third straight time that CoCo gets the nomination. The awards CoCo won in the past are:

  • 1st GMA Msia (2001): "Most Popular Stage Showmanship Female" and "Asia's Most Outstanding Performer"
  • 2nd GMA Msia (2002): "Top Ten Songs - Baby, I'm Sorry," "Most Popular Female Artiste Asia," and "Asia's Most Outstanding Performer."

November 2, 2003

Last night at the City Square of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, CoCo was the last performer of the show for the program was re-arranged suddenly. CoCo performed "Missing You for 365 Days," "True Lover," and "So Crazy" with two different costumes, bringing the show to the climax.

[Note]: The show last night is the Opening Ceremony of "The 12th Jin-Ji Bai-Hua Movie Festival," "Jiangnan Culture Festibal Jiaxing China", and "Public Movie Bai-Hua Awards." It is different from "The 23rd China Movie Jin-Ji Awards," which is the Closing Ceremony of the festival and will be broadcast by CCTV-3 on Nov. 5th.

November 1, 2003

Last night at Yu-dong Stadium in Ba-nan, Chongqing, there were almost forty thousand of audience in presence, packing into the space of the limit of 35,000 people. CoCo's sexy and gorgeous costumes and her specatular performance drove the crowds wild and crazy. Please take a look at the pictures of the concert and press conference, and also the news reports which the media had very good comment about the concert.

Tonight, CoCo will be the opening performer at the opening evening show for "The 12th Jin-Ji Bai-Hua Movie Festival," taking place at the City Square of Jiaxing, Zhejiang. CoCo will be singing "Missing You for 365 Days," "So Crazy," and "True Lover."


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